Groupe LACORT is an active holding company created in June 2016 and owned by two partners Frédéric LAFAGE and Sandrine CORTES.
Groupe LACORT manages four companies:

  • ORFEA Acoustique
  • ORFEA Acoustique Normandie (ORFEA Acoustique subsidiary)
  • Silent Space by ORFEA Acoustique Développement
  • SIC Formation

ORFEA Acoustique was created in 1997 and is the historical entity of Groupe Lacort, which employs today 50 people.




Frédéric LAFAGE is the founder and president of ORFEA Acoustique, an independent design and engineering office in acoustics and vibration. It is today one of the leaders on the national market. ORFEA Acoustique is mainly concerned with its commitment to improving the living conditions of its citizens, by controlling noise and its impacts on Human.

Seeking an active acoustic solution to solve the problem of noise in open space, the Research & Development subsidiary ORFEA Acoustique Développement has been created in September 2014.

20 years of experience and three years of R&D were necessary to imagine, design and develop a solution based on sound masking technology: Silent Space®.

Faithful to the primary vocation of the design office, Silent Space® mainly aims to improve the working conditions of employees in shared spaces on the thematic of quality of life and health at work.


Silent Space® by ORFEA Acoustique Développement is a start-up recognized by many organizations. Since its creation, as for the ORFEA Acoustique design and engineering office, it has held the BPI Excellence label.

In August 2016, it has been selected by La Poste and joined the French IoT program to present the solution for the first time at the CES show in Las Vegas in January 2017.

In February 2017, BNP Paribas integrated the startup in its accelerator. Since 2017 summer, the Nouvelle Aquitaine Region identified our solution with and decided to integrate it in its startup village of CES Las Vegas 2018.

Finally, in June 2018, Silent Space won contest about “Real Estate of tomorrow” and integrated the famous Paris&Co incubator.

In the meantime, it benefits from dynamic partnerships with SAMSIC, Sodexo, Accor Hotels, Majencia, Impulse Partners and Immowell-Lab.


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