The active and connected sound masking solution dedicated to improve
comfort and concentration of shared offices users.


60 %

of European employees work in open space

50 %

of them report inconvenience and discomfort due to noise generated by conversations and behaviours

6 %

of individual offices become open space offices per year


The noise depends of the others. The consequences are:


Loss of concentration and efficiency

Increase in stress, tiredness and absenteeism

Demotivation up to rejection of this organizational mode


What can be done about it?




Developed to master the acoustic quality of shared workspaces, Silent Space® improves the well-being of users in open space.

Solution Silent Space
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    Silent Space presentation (subtitles)

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    Sound Masking solution: why and how?

Silent Space® is based on two principles: physical (real and measurable) and psychoacoustic (which facilitates behaviours change).

The physical effect is characterized by the diffusion of a neutral, homogeneous, non-intrusive and non-disturbing signal that breaks the intelligibility of unwanted conversations and thus allows greater efficiency through better concentration.

Based on the principle of sound masking, the solution is composed of two devices :

  • a controler that measures the sound level in a space and transmits this information via Bluetooth Low Energy
  • to the diffuser which then emits the sound masking signal and adapts its volume.

For optimal and homogeneous efficiency, several devices are implanted in the space. The reduction of the distraction radius reduces the understanding of conversations and leads to the creation of discretion areas.

This solution complements or replaces passive solutions: partition walls, false ceilings, etc.


Without Silent Space

With Silent Space


3 major innovations


Pedagogical LED

that shows the noise level by changing color

Mobile Application

to configure & control devices and collect data

Plug & play

quick and easy installation, no work required


LED Indicator


Change is now! Is it blue? Quiet atmosphere, everything’s fine. Is it red? Pay attention, you’re making too much noise!

The Silent Space pedagogical LED changes color according to the sound level.

It interacts with users to make them aware of the noise level they generate and thus helps them to adapt their behaviour, for a better collective comfort.


> No action needed <
> Let’s make sure we respect this atmosphere <
> Let’s be collectively attentive to our behaviour <
> Let’s make a collective effort by talking less loudly <


Connected solution


Silent Space App is a mobile application that allows to set the controllers and diffusers, change the sound level thresholds, the colors of the LED, and more.

This mobile application offer the possibility to collect data recorded by the controllers, thus allowing to establish progress reports, useful for CSR and QWL issues.


Plug & Play


Silent Space installation is simple, fast and non-destructive. Each device consumes only 2W per hour. They are screwed like bulbs, on different types of supports that plug into a simple electrical socket.


Implementation process



  • Space implantation study (photos, plans, in-situ visits)
  • Creation of zones in the space
  • Devices configuration


  • Physical implantation of Silent Space (out of staff presence)
  • Information & sensitisation of users
  • Customer referent training on Silent App


  • Check-up visit after 6 weeks
  • Collection of users feedback
  • First review after 4 to 6 months

Additional services: Audit, Consulting and support through change in the framework of QWL and CSR, Acoustic measurements of buildings and users exposimetry, Users surveys, “Working effectively in open space” training, etc.


What is Sound Masking?

Installations: Where and How?


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