Find out where to install Silent Space® to enhance everyone’s privacy,
concentration and comfort.


In what places to set up Silent Space®?


Shared office and open space

Design office, production, R&D, support activities… Silent Space® promotes concentration, facilitates collaborative work and improves well-being in shared spaces.

Waiting and reception area

Professional firms in health, law, finance, public services… Silent Space® creates confidentiality bubbles for everyone’s comfort.

Co-working space

Shared spaces, brainstorming plants, incubators, accelerators… Silent Space® promotes interactivity by creating areas of discretion appropriate to activities requiring individual concentration.

Quiet spaces

Libraries, examination rooms, exhibitions… Silent Space® improves the background sound and improves the concentration of those who are quickly disturbed in very quiet situations.


How to install Silent Space®?


Standing on the floor

Clamped at the desk


At the false ceiling

Specific installation


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